Game Pass Gurus: WrestleQuest, BroForce, and Starfield Anticipation

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Game Pass Gurus: WrestleQuest, BroForce, and Starfield Anticipation

Ready for some hilarity and gaming insights? Tune in as I, your host Sebastion Mauldin, and my co-host, the incredible Roger Roger, delve into an exciting world of Xbox Game Pass games with a hearty dose of laughter. Roger brings the heat with his recent gaming exploits, giving a riotous rundown of the bro-tastic action heroes in BroForce and sharing his early impressions of the newly released WrestleQuest. Trust us, his account of the thrilling dynamics and compelling reasons to play these games will have you itching to grab your controller!

But don’t think it’s all about Roger. I’m also here to stoke the fires of gaming excitement with my passionate discourse on Baldur’s Gate 3 (sadly, not available on GamePass or Xbox….yet) and my hopeful anticipation for the upcoming Starfield.

From the explosive action in BroForce to the wrestling mayhem in WrestleQuest, we’re serving up a gaming feast that’ll leave you hungry for more! So, plug in your headphones and get ready for a fun-filled episode that’s sure to tickle your funny bone and spark your gaming enthusiasm.

Sebastion Mauldin

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