A Walk With Yiayia: A Stroll Down Memory Lane

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A Walk With Yiayia: A Stroll Down Memory Lane

If you’re looking for a wholesome and cozy single player experience to take you into the holiday season, look no further. A Walk With Yiayia gives you all the nostalgic and sentimental feels taking you back to your childhood where the simple, mundane, parts of life were the most meaningful.

Although it is simplistic in nature, it has a way of communicating on a larger scale, with the retro style art and color, emotional and memorable stories told in the game, and simple quests within the game to help unravel Yiayia’s story. Fair warning, you will need a box of tissues close by.

This palette cleanser game will allow you to take a break from the racing, combat, high intensity, games that are always around, and allow you to sink into something more grounding.

Tune in to hear everything our host Sebastion Mauldin liked about this game and why you should add it to your backlog list!

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