2023 Q1 Cozy Game Recommendations ft. Rosealyn (Lofi Version)

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Cozy Game Recommendations ft. Rosealyn (Lofi Version)

2023 Q1 Cozy Game Recommendations ft. Rosealyn

During this indie spotlight episode, we had to invite cozy games Youtber, RosealynGaming on the show. She is a cozy YouTuber & Fibromyalgia Warrior. She has played and covered tons of games specifically cozy games. She’s the perfect guest to provide some cozy game recommendations! 

She and Sebastion share a love of games with beautiful narratives and good chill games, which leads to in-depth discussions on her top recommendations and the games that she plays regularly.

If you’re looking for something new to play, this episode has a ton of unique games you don’t want to miss.

Listen in to hear Rose’s top cozy games and hear about her story!

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